Mister Mister is a made-to-measure menswear brand. Born from the desire to make beautiful and honest menswear – we create everyday working garments with the goal of remaking the classic to create the modern man’s uniform. We, the creators, arrive from various walks of life with a shared vision and passion for tailoring. Coming from a product design background, we focus on production, function and usability; we approach garments in a different way, evolving and adapting what has come before in order to allow you to make it your own.
Our garments are made using a blend of traditional and modern production techniques with each and every garment made from a personalised pattern crafted especially for your body. We believe in understatement; the Mister Mister house style is a combination of texture and tone rather than pattern and colour. Mister Mister believes that your made to measure pieces will provide the building blocks of a timeless wardrobe.

whY made to measure?

Mister Mister’s MADE FOR YOU program is our made-to-measure tailoring service.

Made, designed and produced one at a time, we’ve developed a system whereby we help you design your perfect styled and fitting garment. 

Why one at time? This works to both ensure we develop the correct garment for you, whilst ensure we minimise waste and unwanted goods into our global environment. 

Trained as a designer, our founder, Daniel Narvaez, believes that function and form must travel true through each and every piece made, as such each garment is developed with this in mind – minimal waste and a consider wardrobe.

Here we allow you to choose your ideal cut, and colour from our assortment of fabrics. Personalise your garment, using our advice and expertise, to choose finer details such as lapel, buttons, cuffs and pockets with the option of having your garment monogrammed. The pieces you choose to make are made specifically for you – using a custom pattern that we develop from your measurements. Each piece is individually created and finished for you.