Mister Mister has one ambition; to provide every man a well made, hand finished, correctly fitted garment.
 We believe your clothes are an extension of your lifestyle. It is always best to wear something appropriate; when you’rE comfortable and confident, people notice.

Made for you, via a combination of machine and hand, no detail is off limits. Each pattern is carefully made specifically for you and archived for future orders.

The process? A casual consultation to choose a fabric, discuss and select style preferences and take your measurements. Four weeks later, we refit and adjust (where necessary). Shortly afterwards your suit is available for collection. 

A . $1275
B . $1525
C . $1725
D . $1975
E . $2175 +



Additional piecese starting from –
Trousers . $475
SHIRTS . $215

TIME FRAME: Four to six weeks (from start to finish)


All day every day – we choose our outfit on a daily basis, a uniform or armour if you will.
Whatever the choice, we should always look good and feel good, regardless of what we’re wearing so why not design our wardrobe with this in mind.

A jacket for every occasion, a suit to close a deal or a special piece for the special night out we work tirelessly to find the best option for each and every moment.


Black tie, cocktail, formal – almost always forms of dress usually saved for our most formal and important occasions. The most traditional of styles are usually required with varying sometimes a strict set of rules applied.

Rules are sometimes meant as guidelines, so it’s more important to design something which suits your person – your character.

Textured and tone is where you experiment here. Search for the fabric which best suits the setting and design freely.
Black, navy, or maybe white. Mohair, velvet or seersucker. Have fun within what’s available.

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