MR.02N –

Notch lapel two button FLAPPED POCKETS


The most classic of classic staple garments – The two button notch lapel suit or a jacket, easily worn one of two ways.

Each and every day we cross paths without realising. We at Mister Mister believe it to be the most conservative of suit and jacket designs which allows us to then work with fabric as a way to express our design.

Notch lapel combined with either straight flapped or slanted flapped pockets, both look great.

How do we incorporate our own characted? Fabric.

A classic twill wool, or an open weave high twist travel fabric.
A lighter linen or a plain weave hopsack.
Formal, casual, summer or winter – letting the fabric speak is the best way to achive the look which is best for you.

Our preference? Whichever fabric you believe speaksĀ  the most to you or the task at hand.
At home for a formal wedding or a day to day work suit, no task is impossible