Finding your wedding suit can be a bit of a dauntiing task. Afterall, it’s such a big decision. We’ve been preparing for this day for so long that we need to get it right.. for This is we’re mister mister likes to come in and help, or in this case, suggest a few pointers which might help alleviate a little stress.

Have a vision – What is your superhero outfit? Who did you want to be when you grew up? Now is your chance. This is your big day – How did you picture yourself looking? I call this moment the man’s Superman moment – what outfit would you be wearing if you came out of the phone booth?

If you really don’t know ASK YOUR PARTNER they’ll definitely know. NOTE – Black tie is always a tuxedo, but can also include a velvet jacket or an ivory jacket.

Form follows function – The way your suit looks follows the intended use. You’re going to be wearing your Fit for the best part of 12 hours. Let’s ensure its comfortable, let’s ensure you’re comfortable, because we will always guarantee that we’ll make sure you look the goods.
Elegance comes through simplicity – Edit the details, use waistcoats as a way to elevate your look but sometimes less can also be more. We don’t need suspenders, a waistcoat, a pocket watch, a pocket square and a boutonniere. Choose your details wisely and lean into those things. Look over how you want to look and choose the smartest options.

In the end, whatever choice you make, just make sure you’re comfortable with your choice and happy that it suits your vision.

If you need a hand with this, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to help.